Searching for Paradise


Gilda Mattei, just graduating from highschool, is infatuated with the sexy and enigmatic Hollywood movie star Michael De Santis. With her new video camcorder she documents her fascination with him, her internal world of dreams and fantasies, and her strained though loving relationship with her dying father. After her father dies, Gilda discovers evidence of his long affair with an Italian woman. Her crush on Michael De Santis takes an obsessive turn and she decides to go on a search to find him. Posing as an Italian journalist with the same name and persona as her father’s mistress, she succeeds in making it on to the film set where De Santis is shooting and to a private interview with him. She finds that De Santis is both exactly what she hoped for and nothing of the kind – just like her father.






35 mm
Susan May Pratt, Chris Noth, Jeremy Davies
Festival du Cinema Americain Independent d'Agen, France
Tiburon International Film Festival
IFP West/Los Angeles Film Festival - Competition
San Francisco International Film Festival
Boston Film Festival - Competition
Hamptons International Film Festival - Competition
New Orleans Film Festival - Competition, Austin Film Festival - Competition
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Milan International Film Festival - Competition
Hawaii International Film Festival - Gala Presentation
Newport Beach Film Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival
Southern Circuit Film Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival
San Diego Film Festival